Commemorating Massacre of 1690, Schenectady

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Erected: 1898

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About Commemorating Massacre of 1690

Commemorating Massacre of Feb. 8-9, 1690

One hundred and fourteen French and ninety-six Indians entered during night at North gate, located at this point.

Assault was commenced here, seventy houses were burned, sixty persons killed and twenty-seven made prisoners.

Outside this gate, two were killed and two were made prisoners.

Just inside, two were made prisoners.

Here, Adam Vrooman resisted attack and his wife and child were killed.

Beukendael Skirmish, July 18, 1748

This occurred in Glenville about three miles Northerly from city, sixty citizens were drawn into ambush by Indians, third nine were killed.

Dead were brought through this gate to barn on lot North of present Dutch Church.

Tablet erected by Common Council of Centennial Anniversary of Incorporation of City, March 26, 1898.


Categories and Features

Brick and wood roof peak and tree
Lamps and brick wall
Chimney with curved top
Roof peak
Yellow House
Hinge on green door
Antique stone wall
Colorful slate roof side

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