Northeast Corner of Stockade, Schenectady

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Erected: 1898

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About Northeast Corner of Stockade

Northeast Corner of Stockade is marked by this tablet. A blockhouse, with garrison and cannon stood in this angle of Stockade, facing the ferry, at foot of this street, North line of Stockade extended from this tablet direct to the river bank, near intersection of Front Street and Washington Avenue.

Saint George’s Church
First Service of the Episcopal Church in Schenectady was held by Rev. John Miller, in 1695. Erection of present church edifice was begun in 1759, and was several years in building.

First resident clergyman was the Rev. William Andrews, from 1770 to 1773. Sir William Johnson was a frequent worshiper here, and contributed liberally to its erection and support. The tower, originally of wood, was rebuilt of stone in 1870.

Schenectady Centennial Tablet Mach 26, 1898.

Replaced 1936
Nathaniel Spalding
City Historian


Categories and Features

Stone church facade
White church steeple
Brick and wood roof peak and tree
White house wooden decoration
Hinge on green door
Black metal iron fence
Green House Facade

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